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What do you know about acne?

Since it usually occurs during adolescence, acne acne is not considered a disease. If it has a structure caused by hormonal problems, trying to eliminate acne with different activities without identifying the forms of acne causes permanent scars. There are different forms of acne and pimples. If you want the right care, the detection and analysis of the acne acne form is very important.

Acne acne appearance and forms

Comedone acne form:

These are oils in the form of blackheads, black on the skin or white under the skin. Hormones that cause changes during puberty cause them to secrete more fat (sebum). Clogging of the pores on the skin with oil manifests itself as comedone acne.

Acne vulgaris form:

This is a form of acne vulgaris that is mostly seen in more than 80 percent of adolescence. Due to the proliferation of bacteria and the inability of the pores to breathe, it causes redness and swelling, the formation of inflamed acne on the skin. This, in turn, affects the psychology of young people with a deterioration in physical appearance.

Papule form:

It is a multiplied form of invisible oils under the skin, it gives a rough feeling when touched by hand.

Pustule form:

It takes an inflamed form with the softening and growth of subcutaneous fat. This is called the pustule form.

Nodule and cyst form:

The most severe form is known as nodules and cysts. These become evident as painful and large stiffness under the skin. They can cause permanent marks on the skin.

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