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Aesthetic Nose Measurements in Men

A few years ago, a study conducted by the University of New York in America revealed that men’s noses are 10 percent larger than women’s, and the reason for this is revealed. According to the research result, the reason why men have a bigger nose is because there is more lean muscle tissue. Therefore, the oxygen requirement, which is more than that of women, is effective in making the nose larger.

The Structure of the Nose of a Turkish Man

The nose of men in our country has a noticeable size and different shapes than that of women. Arched, large, with the back looking like an eagle’s beak, long and with the tip facing down, the Turkish man with common features has started to attach as much importance to aesthetic facial features as women in recent years. In addition to fat removal operations, the number of men who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery is increasing every day.

Conditions of Successful Rhinoplasty

The most sensitive point of all patients without exception in rhinoplasty is that they want to have a natural nose image that is not understood to be aesthetic. Although performing rhinoplasty surgery by planning the nose according to ideal aesthetic measurements compatible with the face is an important condition for a natural appearance, the experience of the physician, the characteristics of the patient’s external and internal nasal tissue, the patient’s expectations are the most sensitive criteria for having a personalized natural nose.

The Upturned Nose Creates a Feminine Image in a Man

There are basic nose measurements that strengthen masculine facial features and distinguish the male nose from the female nose. For example, a nose structure with an upturned tip, shrunk like a woman’s, curved back inward, softens the masculine and authoritative facial expression, causing a feminine appearance. After aesthetic nose surgeries planned in this way, serious self-confidence and psychological disorders may occur in the male patient. However, rhinoplasty should result in a natural design that reflects the authoritarian nature of a man.

The Ideal Proportions of the Male-Specific Nasal Structure

As with women, there are certain criteria for personalized natural nose design in men. These criteria reveal a nose structure that is unique to the facial features and in harmony with each man’s face size and shape is different.

We can list the ideal proportions about the male nose as follows:

* The length of the nose should be about 1 in 3 of the distance from the forehead hairline to the tip of decapitation, and the width of the nose should be about 1 in 5 of the distance between the two ears.

• In order for the tip of the nose to be in the ideal position and to eliminate lowness, the height of the tip of the nose suitable for male facial features should be at an angle of 90-95 degrees with the upper lip.

* The harmony between the tip of the nose and the chin is very important. The lips should fall decently behind the straight line between the tip of the nose and the tip of the chin.

* The ideal angle between the nasal decussation and the face is between 30 and 40 degrees.

* The back of the nose should be arched and in a straight line.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

One or both of the open and closed nose surgery techniques are preferred according to the patient’s condition for a masculine, personalized and natural-looking nose structure by eliminating aesthetic defects in the nose. Before the operation, nose modeling specific to the person’s facial structure is performed in a computer environment. The operation is completed between 1 and 2 hours under general anesthesia. According to the structure of the nose, sometimes the duration of this operation is up to 4 hours.

During the operation, the length of the nose, the position of the tip of the nose, excess nasal ridge and arch formations, curvatures, congestion in the intranasal canals are adjusted to the planned measurements by interfering with the width of the nose as much as necessary.

The Healing Process in Rhinoplasty

The patient who has been hospitalized for 1 day can return to work 1 week after discharge. During this time, the bandage on the nose is taken by the doctor. Again, during the first recovery period, red liquid may come from the nose. This is the natural result of the surgery and it goes away in a few days. For this, a tampon is placed under the nose. A lot of liquid should be consumed. Because a temporary dryness occurs in the mouth. The use of lip balm is recommended. In the first days, heavy movement and lifting a heavy item should be avoided. Swelling and bruising under the eyes and around the nose are extremely natural. These side effects decrease to the lowest level in 1 week and then disappear quickly. Complete fit of the nose and full recovery during rhinoplasty surgery 6. it is seen from the moon. It does not bother the patient because the scar does not appear.

The nose form that appears after full recovery has a natural appearance with masculine lines that are not obvious to have had surgery.

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