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Cheek to Cheek Selfie Aesthetics

Men take more selfies in our country, but women prefer selfie cheek aesthetics more than men. Mobile phones and social media have led to new aesthetic searches, needs and deciphering processes in people’s digitalized social lives and have increased the interest in aesthetic operations among young people.

The desire to be liked and accepted in our environment, to stand out is one of the most basic characteristics of human beings. The country that uses the mobile phone for the longest time in Europe is Turkey. Social media accounts for an important part of this usage. The most popular application of social media is selfie (selfie) shooting. In a study conducted about selfie shots on social media, men in our country take more selfies than women. Women prefer to take selfies to cover their body aesthetics as well as their faces.

In order to achieve an impressive facial expression that will attract likes on social media accounts and make a person feel good, a person takes hundreds of selfies from different angles. Many of us experience this experience and see it in our immediate surroundings. The aesthetic operation that has come to the fore in recent years to capture the most impressive selfie is the selfie cheek or cheek aesthetics. It is known as Hollywood aesthetics because it is an aesthetic operation that Hollywood stars also apply for.

Permanent ”V” Design in Cheek Aesthetics
With the selfie cheek aesthetics, a person achieves a triangular and top-up facial expression that retains its permanence for many years. In the aesthetic operation planned from the cheekbone to the chin, it creates an impressive, young, self-confident face image in which the cheekbones become prominent, the cheeks take a slight inward curve in the shape of a V towards the chin, the jaw structure is brought to the foreground. These top-up lines, which are temporarily created with professional makeup, are still brought permanently with a single operation. Normal facial lines are converted into triangular facial lines. Although women prefer the selfie cheek design more, it is spreading among men as well.

How Long Does the Selfie Cheek Aesthetic Last?

Cheek aesthetics, whose name in medicine is Bichectomy, is a special operation that is completed in 45 minutes, sometimes in 1 hour depending on the condition of the cheek. This period may differ from person to person. The fatty tissue that makes the cheek look fuller is removed in the required amount. First of all, local anesthesia is performed by entering into the mouth. Incisions of 2-3 cm are opened on the surface of the cheek remaining in the mouth. Excess fat tissue is removed by entering from here. In some cases, the incision is not opened and the result is reached by liposuction method. This is a decision to be taken after the examination.

The Healing Process in Cheek Aesthetics

The patient is discharged on the same day. Antibiotics are used against the risk of infection. Pain may be felt for the first few days depending on the incision opened in the mouth. This condition is reduced to a minimum with medications. Gargling with natural mouthwash liquids for a day or two as recommended is very important for infection and wound healing. Again, solid food should not be eaten in the first 24 hours, liquid foods should be consumed. The stitches fall out on their own in 1 week. the patient can return to work within 4 days. Healing of wounds, the appearance of the designed aesthetic lines in the most obvious form takes 3 weeks. As a result, the patient gets a cheek line that highlights the cheekbone and jaw structure and is decoupled in a V shape between the two regions.

The selfie cheek aesthetic, which leaves scars on the cheek, restores the facial expression to dynamic, youthful, ambitious aesthetic top-ups. This aesthetic operation can be performed for every healthy woman and man over the age of 18. And it reveals results that make you smile.

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