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Face and Neck Lifting Procedures in Turkey

Neck lift is often performed together with a face lift. Too many patients wonder whether it is better to make attempts together in this way or to choose a single procedure at a certain time. There are opinions that advocate and reject both options, but I prefer it to be done together.

Firstly, facial rejuvenation surgery is not a uniform type of surgery. There are different types of face lift procedures that vary depending on the scope of the correction. When face lift surgery is performed alone, it affects only the cheek area and the areas adjacent to the cheek. If you want the effect to extend, for example, around the eyes, you need to add eyelid, temple and forehead surgeries to the plan. Similarly, if you want the effect to extend to the neck, you will need to include neck lift surgery in the plan. Although we would like to think otherwise, the signs of aging are not limited to just one area of the body. The face and neck age together as a whole. If only one area is treated, this causes the untreated area to look even older compared to the other side. This causes the results of the single treatment to seem more obvious, or even the treatment to seem unfinished.

Another issue is that neck lift surgery is often performed from the same incision as face lift surgery. In other words, if the neck is not done during the face lift surgery, and let’s say you want to have the neck done 5 years after the operation, some of the incisions made in the previous surgery will probably need to be re-made.

Performing a neck lift together with a face lift can prolong the healing process by a few days. However, doing it in two separate sessions will mean repeating the same process a second time and prolonging the recovery and separation from work in total. In this context, shortening the total recovery time by doing the face and neck in one session may be a reasonable option. Performing the procedures in two different sessions is often more expensive than combined surgeries in terms of total cost.

After all, why get into trouble twice when you can plan everything that needs to be done at the same time, including the recovery period? In short, combining the procedures can give you more holistic, more natural and complete results, ensuring that the entire area of your face and neck remains younger and refreshed.

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Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist