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Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Almost no one wants to look older than they are. No matter our age, no one wants wrinkles around the eyes, sagging eyelids or losing the firmness of their skin. When he looks in the mirror, he wants to encounter a healthy, vigorous and aesthetic vision of me.

Fortunately, aesthetic surgery continues to produce many new techniques that will prevent or eliminate these symptoms with the techniques it has developed. In recent years, great improvements have been made, especially in non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques.

Among them, in addition to the techniques that have been used for many years, new ones continue to take their place. In addition to Botox and filler injections, techniques such as BBL treatment or moisture decoction have also entered the list of non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques.

Botox and filler injections

Nowadays, many people have started to take advantage of the rejuvenation opportunity offered to them by botox and filler injections on a regular basis.

While receiving botox treatment to prevent the formation of wrinkles, she also benefits from filler injection in the treatment of deep wrinkles. Botox is applied especially for the treatment of light wrinkles such as crowbars around the eyes, while filler injection is applied for volume deficiencies such as rim or detention pits.

We show our emotions with our face, and all the emotions we show start to leave their traces on our face over time. Emotions such as laughing, anger, surprise all leave their own unique traces. Botox injections erase these scars or prevent them from occurring. You can also see the lines that you see on your forehead, around your eyes and around your mouth. Botox does this by relaxing the muscles that make up the lines. When injected correctly, botox softens your lines and does not give you a dull or expressionless face.

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical technique used to fill in the skin volume losses, wrinkles and folds that we develop as we age. It is widely used with the confidence provided by hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in our body. In less than an hour, in addition to deep lines, you can soften your jawline, add contour to your cheeks and fill in your lips. You can achieve fast and long-lasting results with minimal side effects.

BBL light therapy and moisture vaccine

With the moisture vaccine, you can prevent dryness, mattness and wrinkle formation by providing your skin with the moisture it needs. BBL light therapy is another non-surgical rejuvenation technique that is used to treat aging and sun spots on the skin, birthmarks such as rosacea, or capillary cracks in addition to wrinkle treatment and makes a person look at least ten years younger.

Maintaining a youthful appearance is becoming easier and easier with these techniques that plastic surgery offers you. It only remains for you to choose the most suitable treatment technique for yourself.

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