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What is Jaw Filler?

When it comes to facial beauty, the eyes, lips and cheeks come to mind first. The jaw usually stays in the background and is ignored. However, it should be remembered that the harmony of the jaw area with the form and shape of the face makes a great contribution to the total beauty of the face.

Unfortunately, genetic causes and the aging process lead to a deviation of the jaw tip and jawline from its ideal shape and a deterioration of the aesthetic proportions of the face. Thus, the face loses its former beauty and begins to look tired.

In previous years, surgical treatment, operating room, anesthesia were the only solutions to correct such problems related to the jaw. However, the development of technology and the increase in the quality of filling products have started to allow many problems arising from the jaw area to be corrected without surgery.

Aesthetic problems that can be corrected with jaw filling

The tip of the jaw is behind

Asymmetry at the tip of the jaw

The tip of the jaw is more pointed or wider than usual

The presence of a deep dimple at the tip of the chin

Loss of prominence of the jawline and sagging of the jawline

The fact that the tip of the jaw is behind is an important problem. Although the person’s face looks very beautiful from the front, it does not look beautiful from the profile. In this case, the problem may be due to the position of the jaw. It can be made to make the face look more beautiful than the profile by performing jaw filling in people with the jaw tip behind.

The presence of asymmetry at the tip of the jaw is a common problem. With the filling injection made at the tip of the chin, an oval chin image is created in women and a more feminine expression is given to the face. In men, on the other hand, a wide and angular jaw shape is created with jaw filling. Thus, the face is given a more masculine and strong appearance.

The presence of a deep dimple at the tip of the chin causes an image that bothers many people. The deep dimple at the tip of the chin gives the chin a masculine appearance. This is a big problem for women. With jaw filler, this problem can be completely corrected.

Loss of prominence of the jawline and sagging are easily corrected with jaw filling, which allows the jawline to be clarified.

How is jaw filling performed?

First of all, in order to objectively evaluate the problem on the chin, photos should be taken from the front and profile.

After these photos are evaluated, the areas to be injected with filler are identified to create the most beautiful chin image.

To reduce the feeling of pain, an anesthetic cream is applied or local anesthesia is performed with a needle.

Then, filling injection is made to the appropriate areas of the jaw with the help of non-pointed needles called cannulas.

Thus, the jaw tip that is behind is moved forward. The pointed chin tip is made more oval. The jaw line is provided to be defined.

The filling injection is completed within 15 minutes. In general, jaw filling is permanent for 1.5-2 years.

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